16 Postdoctoral Researcher Positions at the CBGP (UPM-INIA) (CBGP-Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence Research Program)

The Centro de Biotecnologia y Genómica de Plantas (CBGP, UPM-INIA) is seeking for outstanding candidates for 16 postdoctoral researcher positions in the three CBGP Transversal Scientific Programs (Plant Adaptation to Environmental Changes, Improving Plant Response to Biotic Stress, and Empowering Plant Nutrition) and in the Computational, Systems Biology, and Genomics Program (CSBGP). The CBGP (UPM-INIA) is a research institute recently recognized as Severo Ochoa (SO) Center of Excellence.

The Transversal Scientific Programs (TSPs) will combine the expertise of CBGP research groups that are working in different research lines:

TSP1 – Plant Response to Biotic Stresses

A virological approach to biocontrol Botrytis cinerea, a plant pathogenic fungus also relevant to human health (EoI-TSP1-01)

Deciphering the role of copper in plant immunity (EoI-TSP1-04)

Interactions between bacteria and viruses in co-infected hosts: effects on host resistance and on the evolution of pathogen virulence (EoI-TSP1-05)

Molecular insights on the effects of combined mite and bacterial stresses in plants (EoI-TSP1-06)

Balancing plant disease resistance and pathogen virulence by sensing plant cell wall-derived glycans (EoI-TSP1-07)


TSP2 – Plant Adaptation to Environmental Changes

Cross-cutting approaches to unravel novel mechanisms of crop adaptation to climate change (EoI-TSP2-01)

Deciphering the Plant Epigenome (EoI-TSP2-02)

Exploring plant adaptation to climate change (EoI-TSP2-04)

Improving Seed Vigour in Brassicaceae (EoI-TSP2-05)

Mechanisms of plant tolerance to viruses by virus-induced flowering time regulation A (EoI-TSP2-06)

Unraveling plant performance mechanisms under Piriformospora interaction (EoI-TSP2-10)


TSP3 – Empowering Plant Nutrition

Precision Targeting of Metals (EoI-TSP3-02)

Toward a Sustainable Agriculture: Transcriptional/translational of Root Responses to Phosphate Starvation and Plant-fungus interaction in low phosphate environments (EoI-TSP3-03)

Spatio-temporal changes in the plant-associated soil microbiome, and their association with plant health, and sustainable agriculture (EoI-TSP3-4)


The novel CsBGP initiative aims to develop new computational/genomics tools by applying systems-level, multi-scale, information-driven and model-driven approaches. The CsBGP postdoctoral research positions are associated to the following projects:

Comparative metagenomics and phylogenomics (EoI-CsBGP-01)

Synthetic biology of plant hormone circuits (EoI-CsBGP-02)


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