Oferta de trabajo sobre biofertilizantes

A través de la lista de correo, nos llega esta información sobre una oferta de trabajo de interés entre los socios.


¡Suerte para quien lo intente!



We are Saudi Arabian company investing in date palm.

Currently we need a favor  and help from your side, we need very good Cv’s of a specialist in the production of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms (PGPMs) with expertise in Biofertilizers.

Knowledge of bacteria classification is required including cell shape, nature of multicell aggregates, motility, formation of spores, and reaction to the Gram stain.

Knowledge on Microscopy, Bioassays for Vitality, Preparation of nutrient media, fermentation Knowledge of Miles and Misra Technique.

An experience on PGPR is required and knowledge on formulations of PGPR product is required.

*Job offer Lab Technician in Bacteriology (with experience in PGPMs).

 Please if you know a specialist don’t hesitate to contact us. 



Mycorrhizologist, R&D department

Agriculture Division
Yousef Abdul Latif Jameel Group

Saudi Arabia

T: +966-16-355-1233

F: +966-16-355-1233

M: +966-5418-82741

Skype: elmaati.yassine


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